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Biomass Benefits

Biomass Benefits 

Farming and post-harvest operations can produce literally mountains of waste: coconut husk, sugar cane waste, coffee husks, spent coffee grounds, and cacao shell just to name a few commonly produced in the Philippines. Additionally, biomass fuel crop plantations such as Napier Grass can also provide a viable cash crop and environmentally renewable and sustainable alternative, as well as an economically viable solution as opposed to burning imported coal, oil and diesel at industrial plants in the Philippines.

We are introducing a new opportunity to the Philippines under the Berde-Kaway name for the collection and processing of these waste streams and locally grown raw materials into Biomass Fuels to replace fossil fuel usage and raw materials for industrial partners.

Benefits of Biomass Fuels

Sustainable fuel replacement for fossil fuels

Removal of the practice of burning of these wastes at the farm

Ash from the client’s furnaces will be returned to the farms and used as fertilizer

Ability to assist our end clients achieve their ‘Net Zero’ carbon reduction pledges and goals

Substantial reduction in Greenhouse gasses release: C02, NOX & SO2

Fund Raising from the registration of and/or sale of Carbon Credits


Client Considerations

 100% Fossil Fuel Replacement for existing operations and any planned extensions

 Must be at a cost equivalent or less than their current fuel price

 Controlled transition to biomass without putting operations at risk

 Source must be sustainable with its harvest having no lasting environmental impact

Secure supply without seasonal variation

Combustible in existing furnaces / equipment

 Low sulfur

  Not have any abnormal emissions, and will allow approval by DENR

Not cause any significant increase in the wear or corrosion on the combustion, and associated equipment

 Marketing of green renewable credentials

Must align with their Net Zero objectives and pledges, as well as additional CSR and local ESG impact objectives





Charmine Geronimo

Media Intern of Berde-Kaway Agriventures Corporation

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