Berde Kaway Agriventures Corporation: Leading in sustainable energy by transforming agricultural waste into biomass fuel. Supplying nature to industry.

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Registered in the Philippines September 2022, Berde-Kaway Agriventures Corporation has developed a biomass fuel pellet production facility in Sariaya, Quezon Province. The target market for the biomass pellets will be industrial clients wishing to replace their consumption of fossil fuels with a greener more renewable option. Many of these clients have firm-published corporate commitments for CO₂ and other greenhouse gas reductions, which are now filtering through as physical projects.
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Berde-Kaway highly values our clients’ needs for safe, sustainable, and renewable products with efficient and reliable supply chain management. Our Principals have built their careers understanding this truth and have developed confidence and trusted, long-lasting relationships within the industry by conducting our business with integrity, honesty, and hard work.


To provide responsive, safe, and trusted solutions to our clients with the highest- quality, most dependable, sustainable products, whilst supporting the farming and communities we operate in, both for today and for the future.


To build trusted relationships and serve our clients through integrity, honesty, hard work and accountability in a collaborative, solution-oriented environment focused on providing sustainable and renewable products, in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


Health, Safety and the Environment, Sustainability, Integrity, Accountability, Efficiency, Quality, Innovation, Collaboration.

Mark Edmonds

Chief Executive Officer

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