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Philippines 19th Congress
Atmospheric sulphur sulhur dioxide pollution acid rain


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Philippines 19th Congress

Philippines: House Bill No. 7705 – Promoting a Low Carbon Economy

Philippines – Introduction to House Bill No. 7705 House Bill No. 7705, introduced during the 19th Congress, aims to promote a low carbon economy in the country. This legislative measure

Making Pellets from Copra Cake

As part of our ongoing trails and research in to different raw material sources we have recently successfully made Pellets from Copra Cake. First, let’s understand what Copra meal or

Atmospheric sulphur sulhur dioxide pollution acid rain

How Burning Biomass Pellets Can Help Combat the Negative Effects of Burning High-Sulphur Coal

How Burning Biomass Pellets Can Help Combat the Negative Effects of Burning High-Sulphur Coal The use of coal as a source of energy has been a controversial topic for many

New beginnings

Harnessing the Power of Biomass Ash as a Fertiliser

When we think of fertilisers, we often imagine synthetic chemicals poured onto fields and crops to enhance their growth. However, there is a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative that is

Coal vs Pellets

Converting an Industrial Coal Boiler to Run on Biomass Pellets:

Introduction The industrial sector is one of the largest contributors to global carbon emissions, accounting for approximately 23% of the total greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. As the world grapples with


Biomass & Pellets in Southeast Asia Vs Philippines

The Biomass Industry in the Philippines is an emerging sector with significant potential for growth. It encompasses various forms of organic materials used for energy production, including agricultural residues, forest

Exploring the Potential of Biomass in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for its beautiful beaches, tropical climate, and friendly people. However, another aspect that has been gaining attention in recent years is the country’s potential for biomass

Biomass Benefits

Biomass Benefits  Farming and post-harvest operations can produce literally mountains of waste: coconut husk, sugar cane waste, coffee husks, spent coffee grounds, and cacao shell just to name a few

Understanding Coconut As A Biomass Fuel

Coconut as a Biomass Fuel As a non-seasonal crop, coconut provides a continuous supply of fruit throughout the year, requiring little to no maintenance. Trees are long lived (up to

Renewable Energy Solutions and CO2 Reduction

We are committed to minimise the environmental impact of both our operations and those of our clients. Our facilities use our own biomass raw material as a fuel for the